I’ve wanted to shoot film for as long as I can remember. As anybody can tell you, starting a photography biz is no joke. For me it took a lot of time to get to this point, and I have a ways to go. The idea of learning to shoot film almost seemed like I was headed back to step one…..learning everything all over again. I finally bit the bullet and took a plunge. I set up a 1:1 mentorship with Mary Claire Photography. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with Mary Claire in the past and knew I couldn’t have picked somebody better to teach me. At first I was scared to death to push that shutter button, but after a few clicks things started coming with ease. I thought for sure it was a fluke and my images would arrive completely damaged (because that’s my kind of luck), but when I received these images from Photovision Prints I knew this was going to be the start of a new friendship. I’ve always tried to make my work somewhat resemble film, but having the “real-deal” at my fingertips made the whole endeavor worth pursuing. While I am still currently shooting all of my clients at 100% digital, I’m hooked and beyond excited to see where this new journey takes me. Models: Ashley and Ben Hunzeker Florals: Posies Florals Ribbon: Silk and Willow Dress: Willow by Watters via Bella Lily Bridal Hair and Make-up: Diana Dubuque Invitations: Foil and Ink